The SCIENTIFIC ADVANCES PUBLISHERS is serving the cause of mathematics and science by publishing high quality peer reviewed research papers and survey articles with its four journals of broader spectrum namely: Journal of Mathematical Sciences:  Advances and Applications, Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics:  Advances and Applications, Journal of Statistics: Advances in Theory and Applications and Journal of Algebra, Number Theory: Advances and Applications. Each of the journals is published in two volumes of 600 pages approximately per annual and every volume consists of two issues. Besides the basic aim of publishing high quality peer reviewed research articles, immense care is given to the timely disposal of the articles received for publication. Generally Editorial Boards of the respective journals arrive at a decision on an article received in three months time and if recommendation for publication is made, the article get published in the forthcoming issue of the journal within six months from the date of receiving.


 It is a matter of great pleasure to announce that on account of continuous and rapidly increasing demands from our authors and readers for scientific periodicals of specific fields the Scientific Advances Publishers has launched three new journals with effect from 2010, named: "Journal of Materials Science and Engineering with Advanced Technology", "Advances and Applications in Mechanical Engineering and Technology", and "Current Development in Theory and Applications of Computer Science, Engineering and Technology". We promise to come with a lot of more new peer-reviewed journals of specific fields for our authors and readers very soon. We are extremely grateful and heartly acknowledge the kind of support and encouragement from you.


We are very pleased to inform that our journal Journal of Mathematical Sciences:  Advances and Applications is going to complete its two years of publication successfully. In a very short period it has acquired global presence and scholars from all over the world have taken it with great enthusiasm. On account of a large number of accepted papers awaiting publication, we have decided to increase its frequency from 2010 onwards. From 2010 the JMS: AA will be published in three volumes each having two issues and thus it will be a bimonthly journal. We are highly grateful to our authors and members of the Editorial Board for their support.